FIRETAG. Shooting range
New entertainment and training shooting complex.
Without experience.

There is an instruction before shooting.

Age limit: 8+
Brief description:

Shooting at electronic targets with blank weapon is safe and realistic. The target is hit by an infrared impulse, while all the characteristics of the military machine gun are preserved – a kickback, a sound of a gunshot, gunpowder gases and ejection of blank cartridges cases.

Another feature of our shooting range is an interactive target. The target is folded with the help of an electric drive when a precise hit is made and automatically returns to its original position.
This is how we shoot in a shooting range
Shooting range price
Base. Our playground
Base. Our playground
Shooting from a blank submachine gun Kalashnikov (30 shots)
1500 ₽/person
Additional magazine (30 shots)
900 ₽
Rental kit#1 (1 shooting target + 1 weapon), 1 hour
6000 ₽
Rental kit#2 (3 shooting targets + 3 weapons), 1 hour
15000 ₽
Flashbang blank cartridges
20 ₽/piece
Increase the rental time. + 1 hour
1200 ₽
Increase the rental time. + 2 hours
2000 ₽
Add a shooting target + 1 piece to the kit
1500 ₽
Add a shooting target + 2 pieces to the kit.
2700 ₽
Add a shooting target + 3 pieces to the kit
3600 ₽
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