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About Firetag

Firetag is a tactical game with maximum combat realism. A great kind of entertainment for anyone who wants to temporarily immerse themselves in the atmosphere of army corps. 

The firetag uses special equipment and weapons. Compared to other tactical games Firetag is a full-fledged imitation of military operations.

The game kit for firetag includes blank weapon with an infrared emitter and equipment on the body/head with sensors for receiving an optical signal.

If you are in St. Petersburg and want to play a firetag or shoot a blank weapon, we will organize such an entertainment for you.
Birthday or celebration with firetag game
Corporate event with a firetag tournament for employees
Theme area with a shooting range at your event
Like a PC game shooter or an action-movie happening in reality.

Games feature

  • Using blank weapons 
  • Shooting simulation by flashbang blank cartridges 
  • Hitting the target by infrared impulse
  • Range of defeat comparable to real weapons

What’s the differ from paintball and other tactical games?

All the features of a firearm are retained.

There are a kickback, a sound of a gunshot, gunpowder gases and ejection of blank cartridges cases.

There is an electronic report of the hit with a bright light indication on the player's equipment.

There is no projectile that will spot or cause physical injuries like bruises and pain from hits.
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