Club history
  1. May 2016
    Firetag club " SHKVAL» foundation
    It was decided to create own equipment for sports and gaming events using the Firetag system.
  2. June 2016
    Start of work
    Development of a marketing strategy and corporate identity.
  3. August 2016
    Start building individual game kits
    Purchase of products and components for the Assembly of individual game kits. Military vests, blank weapons, helmets, noise reduction headphones, safety glasses for shooting.
  4. October 2016
    Equipment ver. 1.0
    Design, manufacture and testing of ver. equipment. 1.0.
  5. November 2016
    The first firetag game
    We perform the first official Firetag game in Saint Petersburg.
  1. May 2017
    "Race of heroes"
    This is the first time we are participating in a major all-Russian event "Race of heroes", where we made a large-scale presentation of the club.
  2. September 2017
    The first rebranding
    After a year of work, we decide to change the marketing strategy and corporate identity of the club for new tasks.
  3. December 2017
    The beginning of the development of equipment ver. 2
    Design and manufacture of the first ver hardware concept. 2 with removable electronics blocks.
  1. February 2018
    Equipment ver. 2.0
    We produce a batch of ver equipment. 2.0, thus increasing the number of rental game kits in the club to 20 units.
  2. August 2018
    Moving to a new playground
    We conclude a long-term cooperation with the "DELTA" gaming complex to hold games on the playground in Novosergievka village, 5 minutes from St. Petersburg.
  1. February 2019
    The first scenario game
    At the beginning of the year, they were actively engaged in preparing and carrying a scenario game in an underground bunker based on the book by D. Glukhovsky "METRO 2033".
  2. November 2019
    The first combat  action-quest
    The first in St. Petersburg devise with and launched a unique service-an interactive combat quest on an open playground.
  3. December 2019
    Joining the DOSAAF of Russia
    Creation of the Primary Department of DOSAAF of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region on the basis of our club.

    Have signed a partnership agreement with the education Committee and the Committee on youth policy of St. Petersburg, as well as youth centers of Patriotic education of GBU "Dzerzhinets" and GBOU "Baltic coast".
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