Ammunition and pyrotechnics
Make the game brighter!

Instructions are given before use.

Age limit: 18+
Brief description

Thanks to the use of flashbang blank cartridges in Firetag, a full-fledged simulation of the shot is possible. We use certified products and buy them from authorized distributors.

Also, our experienced instructors are ready to offer you scenarios where you can use pyrotechnics. The entourage and difficulty of completing missions immediately increases when players act with tactical and smoke grenades.
This is how epic the battle looks in the firetag game
Flashbang blank cartridge for the Kalashnikov submachine gun
30 ₽/shot
Reloading the Kalashnikov submachine gun magazine (30 shots)
900 ₽
Tactical grenade (flashbang)
350 ₽
Pyrotechnic white smoke
400 ₽
Russian army hand grenade black smoke
500 ₽
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